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About Us & Our Philosophy

Our management team is comprised of visionaries and risk-takers who look at the world differently. We try to identify opportunities before they happen and we have the ability to pivot and move quickly. If we decide to start, acquire or partner with a company we move fast, very fast! This gives us a tremendous advantage over our competitors. People, ideas, passion, and principles are more important to us than fundamentals and the bottom line.

Our philosophy is based around innovation and most of our ideas start off with “hey, wouldn’t it be cool if…?” And the ideas that have merit we execute on. We like people who are not afraid to put it all on the line for what they believe in; these are our leaders and these are our partners!

We like to partner at the earliest stage, however, we are open to all stages of a company.

Marijuana Accelerator is a division of Player’s Network, Inc. (PNTV). PNTV is a publicly traded diversified holding company operating in Marijuana and Media.

What We Do

Marijuana Accelerator is an ecosystem for the marijuana industry designed to connect entrepreneurs and investors to our network and develop partnerships. We typically work in the following capacities:

  • Entrepreneurs and Companies.  We provide capital, tools, and resources for entrepreneurs
  • Partners and Joint Ventures. We utilize our network to assist companies by facilitating introductions and help to identify joint ventures
  • Investors. We identify companies with significant growth potential and present them to our network of investors
  • Work with us. We recruit and place seasoned professionals (from all industries) into our portfolio companies

What We Look for

New ideas are what drives us and we are always on the lookout for ideas we can get behind. Marijuana Accelerator is used to identify ventures focused on seed to sale solutions and new technology.

Seed to Sale:

We define seed to sale as those companies who grow, extract or sell marijuana products.

Target States:

We would like to expand our seed to sale holdings in approx. 16 target states. We are currently looking for cultivation and production facilities as well as dispensaries in the following target states:

Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, and Vermont.

Opportunity States:

We would consider unique opportunities in California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington. Although all these states have legalized recreational use of marijuana, we feel these states are over saturated. Opportunities we might be interested in would include, but are not limited to; current dispensary, cultivation, and production license holders who do not have adequate capital or are not doing as well as initially expected, land acquisitions (zoned/licensed), technologies based in these areas, and equipment manufacturers.


Since the marijuana industry is still in its infancy stage, there are tremendous opportunities for growth, especially in regards to technology. We are looking for unique ideas that utilize technology to better serve the marijuana industry. If you have a great idea, we want to partner with you!



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Marijuana Accelerator is a division of Player’s Network, Inc. (PNTV). PNTV is a publicly traded diversified holding company operating in Marijuana and Media.

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